The Reason Why We Write

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The Reason Why We Write This Travel Blog

I hear it every year, over and over:
“WOW! You’re going to Germany? You’re so lucky. I could never do that. It’s too far. It’s too different. I don’t speak German. I don’t like flying.”

I nod my head. Yes, it is far.
Yes, it is different.
Heck, I don’t speak German either.
I hate flying. The slightest bump in the air makes me panic and recite the Little Cottage in the Woods mantra of Kate’s in the movie, French Kiss.
These are all valid excuses.

But I go anyway, and I go every year, for the past ten years.
I put on my big girl panties and get on the damn plane already.
Trust me, if I can do it, the big scaredy-cat that I am, so can you.
If you hang around long enough, you’ll learn how to navigate the culture differences and travel Germany with dignity and confidence.

My husband, Sebastian, is German, and we live in Florida. His family, who we love and miss dearly, still live in Germany. Every year, without fail, we go to Germany on our two-week, American-sized vacation to see them. We’ve grown accustomed and fond of the culture differences between America and Germany.

We’re excited to share what we’ve learned in nice, bite-sized nuggets of goodness with you. Nothing would make us happier than knowing someone may read our blog, muster up their courage, and take their first trip to Germany.

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Our International Travel Experience

2000 - Denise - 3 weeks in Australia
2001 - Denise - a weekend in Canada: Quebec
2001 - Sebastian - 1 week in Italy: Tuscany region
2003 - Sebastian - 7 weeks in USA: Florida
2004 - Denise - moves to Florida from Indiana
2004 - Sebastian - 2 weeks in USA: Florida
2005 - Sebastian - 3 days in France: Paris | 1 week in Italy: Tuscany region
2006 - Sebastian moves to Florida from Germany
2007 - Denise & Sebastian -2.5 weeks Germany : Köln, Frankfurt am Main, Trier, Heidelberg, Neuschwanstein Castle of Hohenschwangau, and France: Metz
2008 - Denise & Sebastian - 2 weeks Germany: Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Mainz, Köln
2009 - Denise & Sebastian - 5 days at sea Mexico: Cozumel, Tulum, and Cayman Islands
2010 - Denise & Sebastian - 2 weeks Germany: Hamburg, Bad Soden, Bremen, Frankfurt am Main
2011 - Denise & Sebastian - 2 weeks Germany: Frankfurt am Main, Wartburg, Munich (Oktoberfest), Bad Homburg, Worms and Austria: Salzburg
2012 - Denise & Sebastian - 2 weeks Germany: Bad Soden, Büdingen, Burg Eltz, Dresden, Stuttgart, and Ludwigsburg
2013 - Denise & Sebastian - 2 weeks Germany: Bernkastel-Kues, Switzerland: Luzern, and France: Paris, Versailles, Giverny
2014 - Denise & Sebastian - 3 weeks Germany: Edenkoben, Berlin, Potsdam, Bad Wimpfen, and Austria: Vienna
2015 - Denise & Sebastian - 2 weeks Germany: Heidelberg, Aachen, Bad Soden, Darmstadt Belgium: Brussels, Brugge, and Spain: Barcelona
2016 - Denise & Sebastian - 4 weeks Germany: Burg Hohenzollern, Konstanz, Lindau, Mainau Island, Meersburg, Heidelberg, Frankfurt am Main, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Speyer, and Uhldingen-Mühlhofen.
2017 - Denise & Sebastian - 2 weeks Germany: Leipzig, Weimar, Frankfurt am Main, and Kassel